ITC Intertrade is a leading independent wholesale distributor of Asian food products. With over 2,000 different SKUs, we specialize in bringing the vast flavors of the Orient, from the fragrant Thai Jasmine Rice to the sweet sauces of Manila, to your home. We are committed to delivering only the highest quality ingredients and products from Asia. Our product selection includes:

  Jasmine rice and noodles   Non-perishable canned food
  Canned and bottled beverages   Frozen entrees and cooking ingredients
  Cooking oils, vinegar, pastes, and sauces   Cookies, desserts, and snack items

Our distribution facilities are based in Houston, Texas with services throughout the Southern region and container-load services throughout the United States. We are committed to maintaining the highest distribution service levels.

Consulting Services
With over twenty-five years experience, we have developed vast expertise in the realm of Asian food products. In addition to distribution services, we provide consulting services to growing businesses seeking to expand into the Asian foods sector.

Private labeling services
We offer private labeling for container-load purchases. Please contact us for further details on product offerings and conditions.